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When buying your property abroad, the three “W’s” are most important…. Why – Where – What

Why you want to buy abroad

  • Holiday Homes~ Go for destination easily accessible, i.e. flight frequency and duration, warm or sunny climate, low cost of living, weather, places of interest, interest for children, etc
  • Permanent Homes~ create a list of what you want from your new life, i.e. do you want a more relaxed way of life? Identify what you would like to find out about your new home, information about work and demand for your skills; what location will best suit your needs, etc.
  • Retirement Homes~ what is your ideal retirement home? Somewhere with gardens or golf green, type of climate, pace of life, ease of medical facilities and local transport, cost of living, knowledge of local culture and language, etc
  • Investment Homes~ new and emerging market is your best bet. Lower property prices, high potential of capital growth and strong demand for rental property along with high tourist interest would offer security and return on investment. Consider your choice carefully between urban and resort properties. Remember “Location, Location, Location”.
  • All the above Homes~ as most common, many buy for a variety of reasons, rather than a specific reason. Are you able to practice some flexibility in order to use your home abroad for all or some of the above purposes? If so, than new, emerging market place should be top on your list. All-round destinations and properties do exist – it is just a question based on your research.

Where You want to Buy

  • Long haul or short haul. Determine before hand how many flight hours you and more important if you have children, are willing to put up with.
  • Check where other British or Europeans are buying and why.
  • Network on the many online forums to find out first hand experience of those already enjoying (or not) their new home.
  • Climate and your preference of year –round temperatures.
  • Don’t forget to give some thoughts to environment. Hills and forests or sun and sand.
  • If your choice is dependent on affordability? If you require a mortgage, work out how much a UK lender is ready to lend you for a property in your selected location. Are local mortgages available in the area you are thinking of buying
  • Rental income- if you intend to use the property for yourself for a short time in a year and let it out for the rest, the location of your property, the facility it offers and the demand for a particular destination are important factors to consider.

What you want to Buy

  • Off plan, new built or re-sale
  • Apartment in city or resort
  • Farm house or a village cottage
  • Villa or duplex by the sea or golf club.
  • With or without private or shared swimming pool
  • Co-ownership where two or more like minded people get together and buy a share in a property, each having ownership rights and using it for a certain time, sharing the rental if let or profit on investment when sold.
  • Timeshare where you do not have any ownership of property but the right to use it for a designated period.

For more detailed guide and information, type your name & e-mail in the box at the bottom

Check List

  • Obtain all necessary up-to-date documentation, including visas and work permits.
  • Ensure that you have registered your residency status with both the Inland Revenue in the UK and the appropriate authorities in the country you are moving to.
  • Check medical arrangements.
  • Consult a tax specialist.
  • Arrange bank accounts in the country you are moving to.
  • Ensure that any regular payments in the UK are met while you are abroad and let your bank know about the move.
  • Decide what you want to do with your home in the UK.
  • Advise insurance companies about changes that might affect policies, including buildings and contents cover, health insurance and pensions.
  • Tell everyone about your change of address.
  • Check your will and make sure it takes into account rules in the country where you will be living and any inheritance tax rules that might apply.
  • Make sure that you arrange furniture shipments well in advance.
  • Remember electrical items may not work abroad

Do not let the length and depth of above information challange you. It is for this reason why our services are so popular and beneficial. We have done the home work for you. Upon you contacting us, one of our experts will make a short note of your requirements and provide a proposal to match it.

If you would like us to contact you, please click here leave your name, telephone number and e-mail address.

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